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Looking Back in Time at Men’s Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear most of the emphasis seems to be put on mostly what women like. That may have been so in the past, but it  has certainly changed in the modern day world. However, there is a history that comes with men’s swimwear. If one were to go back into ancient times this would not be a category that was talked about as most often bathing was done for hygiene purposes and it was done in the nude. There were some cultures though in the 19th century that did not follow this mode of bathing. They would use a loincloth for the men’s attire and this was in the Japanese culture.

Regulations In Place

It wasn’t long know before regulations were put in place as to what swimwear was to be considered appropriate at least in England. Men that were bathing or swimming in public places and were required to wear what was  then called drawers and a waistcoat. If they were swimming in public towns then one end of the beach would be reserved for the men while the other end was reserved for the women. By the time 1869 rolled around changes began to take place in the swimwear for men. This still wasn’t well received by the male gender with many of them preferring to bath in the raw.

This concept of thinking remained in place up until 1906. Then as a matter of public opinion it was insisted upon that men must wear some sort of bathing attire. There were very few  places that remained where the men could bathe in the nude. however there was one place called Parsons Pleasure where up until 1991 men could still bathe without having to worry about any swimming attire. As of today there are many nude beaches but these are highly regulated.

First Manufacturing

The first big manufacturer to come into the public eye for making men swimwear was the Bradley Knitting Company in the US and  they stayed in business up until 1940. Following this other manufacturers did enter the swim attire market for men. When this happened the swimwear became more light wear and what we would consider as moderate coverage. What really led  to the shorter length in swimming trunks for men was as a result of the war years where fabric wasn’t is readily available.

Colors and Fabrics

Colours became part of the fashion and for the men’s swimwear these colours usually were the greens and browns as well as oranges. and of course  blues and black was among the favourites. It was around the 1950s that new fibers came into the making of clothing and this include the men’s swimwear. Now we were getting into material such as Lycra and crêpe and these were really important for the swimwear because not only were they much more comfortable to wear, but the men’s swim trunks would dry much quicker and didn’t tend to wrinkle like the other materials did. In respect to style zippers were used now as enclosures for the swimwear and instead of being solid colours, patterns became part of the new attire.

Different Types of Men’s Swimwear

Just as women have many different selections when it comes to styles in their swimwear so do the guys. They are most pleased with this as they feel that they should have the opportunity to be as fashionable and stylish when wearing this type of clothing.

Swimming Trunks

Swimming trunks can be put into the category of suitable swimwear for men of any age. They really are a classic. When it will comes to the style they come to the mid size in their length. Good quality swimwear in this category will have a inner lining that is made of mesh that provides extra support for them.

When it comes to what it does for the appearance, the length of the mid thigh being longer makes the legs look longer, so the men that are wearing it appear to be somewhat taller. Men that tend to be short prefer this style. Also there will be options for the type of enclosures that are used on it. Some come with an elastic waist, others have drawstrings, and then other types have the snap enclosures. Choosing these carefully is important for comfort, and being able to wear the swimwear without having to adjust it. For those guys that tend to have a little extra weight around the midsection they may want to go with the snap or drawstring, whereas the elastic waistband tends to push the excess weight on the stomach above the waistline.

Swimming Briefs

Speedo was one of the first to launch the swimming briefs. These are very tight fitting and they work beautifully for the guy that wants to both swim and sunbathe. Men that have a good physique tend to go with this type of the swim brief as they like the V shape that is prominent in both the front and back of the attire.  It is non restrictive and most men that really enjoy their swimming prefer this type of swim attire because there is no drag with it as a result of extra material and it is very form fitting.

Board Shorts

The younger generation are tending to go with the board shorts. They very much look like what was available years ago in men’s swimwear. This is in respect to the longer length of the legs. The purpose of the board shorts as the name implies is that this is the type of swimwear that many that do surfing like to wear. In length the board shorts usually come just past the knee and have a lace up front with a Velcro piece to close the fly area. Some will come with a built-in mesh as well. They are longer and baggier and really not chosen for style but more for functionality.

Square Cuts

A lot of the older men prefer the square cuts because there is more coverage to them. They are very much like the briefs of the boxer style that is worn in underwear. They are a little lower on the waist but come up higher on the thigh area. You could call them a mix between the swimming trunks and the swimming briefs. With the square cut to them they are a firm fit on the body which allows for better activity when swimming.


Anyone that is familiar with shorts that are worn for cycling will have a good understanding of what the Jammers are. They have more coverage to them then the briefs or the square cuts but still allow for good mobility. They do have a tight fit to them almost to the point of being a compression type swimwear.


Yes, men do wear bikinis and they simply are a higher cut with a tighter fit. There is very little coverage that comes with them, and the men who wear these do so mostly because they are the ones that really enjoy sunbathing and want to have as much skin exposure as possible. It is usually the men that are in good shape physically that wear these types of suits and they don’t prefer them as much for their swimming activities as they do for their sunbathing.

Choosing the Right Men’s Swimwear

Once you have decided that it’s time to buy a new bathing suit then you have some decisions to make. You’re going to find the when it comes to materials you are going to have a few choices but the majority of them will be made with nylon and polyester. If you like extra support then you want to look to see if the ones that you are interested in have a meshed lining for this purpose.

When it comes to style you’re going to find it that there are many different types to choose from and you want to study these carefully to see which are going to do the best for your appearance. Most importantly that they are going to allow you the freedom to enjoy the type of activity that you would be participating in when wearing this attire. What is important is that the material is also going to be able to keep its form and retain its elasticity when you are enjoying the water.

When you are choosing your style keep in mind that you want a swim suit that is going to allow you to move easily and this includes being both in and out of the water. If you like to enjoy a lot of the beach activities while wearing your swimwear, you want to be able to move with no restrictions but at the same time you don’t want the material so baggy that you are constantly having to adjust it. When it comes to your physique and how you want to enhance it, again you want to pay attention to the style. If you happen to be on the thin side then you are  going to want to go with bathing suits that have some  brighter colours and patterns that stand out, as this will give a more bulky look to your physique. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and tend to be a little larger especially in the stomach area, then go with the darker solid colours and don’t use the waistbands that have elastic in them. When it comes to your height if you wear shorter swimsuits they are going to give the illusion of length to your legs and increase the look of your height.

Keeping all of these factors in mind will help you choose the best bathing suit for you as a man that is going to bring the best out in you when wearing it.

What Is Guy All About?

Here at Guy we are all about you if you happen to be a Guy. We’re the online men’s swimwear providers that have got you covered when it comes to your beach wear needs. Here we took the time to determine what the “must haves” are when it comes to men’s swimwear. We know what it is you don’t want in your swimwear, and we also know what type of swimwear to offer you that is going to bring the best of you out.

It’s all about the style when it comes to men’s swimwear. Most men want hassle free bathing suits. This means they don’t want a bathing suit where they are always having to adjust the waist or pull the trunk legs back into position. For those who really enjoy swimming they don’t want a bunch of extra material wrapping around their legs or dragging them down. These are all factors that we paid very close attention to when selecting the swimwear we are going to offer here at Guy.

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